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by Andre P. Cohen



This is the story of an ordinary family who left the trappings of modern life behind them to embark on an extraordinary voyage through the backroads of Africa. Andre and Laura left a comfortable expatriate life in Asia, pulled their children Conrad and Enoch out of school and took off for Africa, armed with four bags, a few guidebooks and an insatiable amount of curiosity. For a year, they would travel on paths seldom trodden, discovering a world of hidden valleys, endless deserts and enchanted forests, living with the last survivors of near-extinct tribes, meeting kings and voodoo priests.

As they got deeper into their adventure, the links to their old life began to unravel and the world around them lost any sense of familiarity. In that increasingly alien landscape, the only thing which kept them anchored to their old reality was the common humanity which they realised they shared with all those they met. Often, a shared moment around a bush fire with strangers, a spontaneous smile, a small gesture of kindness were all it took to make them feel right at home.

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